The Girls

March 18, 2009 at 10:32 pm Leave a comment

I grew up in East Vancouver in a ‘male’ household. My world was all about hockey, baseball, fishing, hunting and Labrador Retrievers. For the last 30 years, I have been living in a ‘female’ household…which comes complete with cats.
Our current inventory consists of two Himalayan Persian Blue Points—sisters…princesses In their world, I am an employee, a person to be tolerated. In order to have the honor of these two lovelies live with us, the breeder allowed me to make monthly payments.  We also signed an agreement stating that we would not breed the ‘girls’ and thus offset some of their room and board. It has been 14 long years now since they came to live with us; 14 years of vet bills that would almost equal the price of that boat I have always wanted.

It was discovered early on that the ‘girls’ do not tolerate the normal cat food that one can purchase in the supermarket.  Oh, no…Like everything else in their pampered, temperamental lives, they will only eat one brand of food–sold only by their favorite vet at a much-inflated price Not only am I putting my last daughter through university, but I am sure the vet’s kids are enjoying a good education courtesy of the ‘girls’.

When I make my monthly trek to the vet’s office to purchase their special food, the staff always asks Shanni and Chloe how they are doing.  The only question they ever ask me is “How do ya wanna to pay for this?”

– Bruce Thomson

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