The Story of Everet – Part II

August 6, 2009 at 6:32 pm Leave a comment

everet1After much searching and an extreme amount of work–all of which had to happen in less than two months–we bought our first home (or what we call the biggest dog house ever), thanks to Everet. It is 1700 square feet with a big, fenced backyard.

And Everet made himself right at home…munching slippers, hunting and chewing up Tracy’s prized stuffies, and deciding that the children (our children) are really his own. While he loves our new home, he has an independent streak and will run away any time he gets off leash. Let’s just say, I can hardly wait for the PetCompass.

everet2When he decides to stay put, he can be found sleeping on a big pile of dirt he dug from the yard. At night, he takes turns sleeping on the floor next to the kids’ beds and at the front and back doors. If he can’t decide, he arranges himself at the top of the stairs where he can keep an eye on everything all at once.

everet3But having Everet in our lives has not only brought our family closer, it has reminded us that anything can be accomplished if you put the right effort in, and that the greatest love of all is unconditional.

The only thing he asks for in return is to be petted and loved. He loves us no matter what, and sits by our side if he knows we’re upset. He has all the traits and qualities we wish we had most of the time.

– Francesca Murray

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