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Press * For a Real, Live Person

Several years ago, we made the strategic decision to focus our limited resources on building a reputation without traditional advertising. A superior customer service team, made up of accessible and knowledgeable people, was a big part of the plan. Daily, we hear from customers who are amazed by our service and the real people on our team.

“I would like to commend you on your excellent customer service. I was really pleased that I dealt with a real person who was pleasant and polite. Please keep up the great service. It is rare to find nowadays!” – Roselind Seats

“Glad to see a company that takes its customer service seriously. They are the ones that succeed in the marketplace.” – Sue

“I have come to believe over the years that customer service is a term from the past – what a pleasure to find that at least in Canada, that is not the case!” – Ellis Gesten

“Thank you for your technical support and the way you responded to my concerns. It was beyond belief how you and your firm support your customers. I wish all companies responded to their customers like you did.” – Alan Hughes

Thank you Sandra, Alaina, Quin and Jessica. We are so lucky to have you!

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Nine Lives and Counting

There’s no denying that aging should come with a set of privileges not afforded the young and na├»ve. It’s a notion that we become more attached to as the years go by and one that my eldest cat has recently embraced whole-heartedly.

While he has always been a good-natured and compliant feline, he is now 85 (in cat years) and has taken to all manner of behaviors that are quite uncharacteristic. He sleeps on the dining room table when we’re not in the room, eats off our plates if we turn our backs for a second and, yesterday, I found him using my clinging-to-life fig tree as a litter box. It’s as though, nearing the end of his ninth life, he has decided to throw all caution to the wind and whoop it up. And, because he’s endured countless moves, the birth of two loud children, and the introduction of three dogs, we’re inclined to let him.

If, however, you need to curtail the untoward behavior of your cats, the StayAway is the perfect solution. The StayAway detects motion from up to three feet and emits a harmless blast of compressed air and a warning sound that keeps cats away from protected areas.

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